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Lucinda Pickering, Founder, Interior designer


Hello and a huge thank you for stopping by.

Design Your Decor is all about believing that everyone deserves an interior that they are proud of. One that is affordable, flexible to their needs and individual to their style. If you are on a mission to find this for your home, then you are in the right place.

We started our business when we found a few common problems for many. People wanted help with interior design. But, they found they would loose their identity by feeling unable to say no to suggestions given. Others found they had to receive the full process from initial planning to handover. Some said they couldn't find services to match their budget

Our solution? We decided that professional design doesn't have to be expensive, or follow one process. We create versatile and accessible designs. Where there is something for everyone, no matter at what point of your design journey you are. If this is what you are looking for, we would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day x


Our Core Values

All our works come from our core beliefs: Affordability. Individuality. Flexibility.

As creatives, we know how much these three things can matter to us.


We’re all about creating professional interiors for budgets that are big or small. We’ll find something perfect for you.


We design interiors that listen to our clients’ briefs. Ensuring their individuality and budget is at the focus of every design. We like to get stuck in and come up with creative solutions to any problems you may have.


We are client-centered. It is important to us that you have full control over how involved we are in your design process. Whether you want the full package or inspiration for your space that you can create at your leisure. We understand.

Favourite Things


The Notebook

This is my go-to, whenever I have a light bulb moment and want to jot it down.

The Cuppa

Is there anything better than a brew?

A Yankee Candle

Mini vanilla cupcake yankee candle. This lives on my desk and smells divine. It also always make me feel super hungry...

Design Essentials

All the essentials for design. A drawing pen and mechanical pencil for the technical drawings. The sign pen for whenever I want to make a quick sketch.


My fishbone prayer plant, it only had two leaves when I first bought it. The office plant of many.

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