How it Works

Start your project:

Step One

From our range of services, find the perfect product for you. You will find a range of options for your design. Whether you are at the beginning of a make-over or you would like inspiration to refresh a room. We create designs for a range of homes, whether you have owned your home for years, or just moved into your rented space. There is something here for everyone.

 Once you are happy and have selected your product. Your journey to your dream home begins.

Work with your designer:

Step Two

We offer two options – 1 to 1 consultation and email only.

If it's the 1 to 1 you would prefer. After purchase, you'll receive an email requesting your availability for the appointment. The appointment gives us a chance to have a chat with you, whether on the phone or on video call. Whatever works for you. This is where you can discuss with your designer the look you're going for, likes, dislikes, budget, and style. This is always a good time to share with us any inspiration photos you’ve seen and any ideas you have.

Let's get started →

If it's email only you would prefer. You will be able to give us all the same information in a quick and easy questionnaire. We will send this to your email once you have selected your ideal service. Tell us about your room, vision, style, and budget. This brief will be at the focus of your design.

If you have selected the Visualiser or Homebird package, we will ask you to send some measurements of your space to us. So we can get it right for you. Feet, inches, meters... we will make it work. If you fancy, you can always send us some snaps of your room, this will help us get a feel for your space. (Please check your product descriptions).

You’ll receive your design:

Step Three

Your designs will arrive directly to your emails in a high-quality digital format! All designs will arrive on the time-scale stated on the service you’ve selected. If you’ve opted for a physical sample pack, these will be making their way to your doorstep. Without leaving your home and missing them tv shows you're binging, you will have everything you need.

It’s as simple as that.

Why work with us?

Quick design

In a month or less you can have a brand-new design for your space.


We are all about you. These are your designs, and we ensure your style is shown throughout.


Professional designs created for you on a budget that suits you.


Our designers will look into every detail of your design. We’ll consider function and form, not only the aesthetics.

Flexible schedules

Life can be super busy! We get that. Every correspondence with your designer takes place online or over the phone, so you can engage with the project when it works for you.